I went to the comic-con this year for two of the five days, but I got to see some good panels, and got some insight on some projects that I was interested in.

I was about 10 minutes late for the first panel I went into, it was for the movie "Push" all I want to say is that, what I saw of it,  it didn't look that good. But I only saw one clip that somehow felt like the matrix, and heard Chris Evans talk about why he likes acting.

They cleared the stage, and Alex Proyas came out, for his movie "Knowing". This movie stars Nicolas Cage.

(Thank god he wasn't there. Two years ago I saw him there for Ghost Rider, and he is such a doped out rock star using narcissistic quotes such as "This is the part, I was born to play" and "I am Johnny Blaze")

The trailer for this movie doesn't look completely bad, but there is a frighteningly bad cliffhanger question that makes me worry a little bit. Alex Proyas talked a lot about the movie, and how that he focuses on quality over quantity when it comes to making movies. I am semi-excited to see this, but only because I trust Alex Proyas as a director. After the trailer, and talking about the movie they opened up the floor for a Q&A (There were only three people that wanted to ask him questions, I was one of them and the other two didn't seem to know who he was.), I asked about his involvment in the possible Silver Surfer movie, and he confirmed that he was not going to be directing it.

Alex Proyas

The third part of this particular panel was for a new movie coming out called "Twilight" and so I left.

There were some cool things on the floor, the Warner Brothers booth had a full size owl ship from the set of Watchmen and Marvel had the Iron Monger.

The Owl Ship

The Capcom and Konami booths had some games I was really excited to try (but didn't get to) Megaman 9, both of the new Castlevania  releases, and a giant Street Fighter 4 tournament area.

There didn't seem to be as many costumes this year, but there were definitely some winners..........

Nick Fury

I went to another panel with Jim Lee, Mike Mignola, Robert Kirkman, and Grant Morrison, They had some interesting things to say about the differences in comic book storytelling, and Movie storytelling. Mike Mignola had a bit of advice for people trying to get into comic books, which was not to create a character or do a book that you would not want to do forever, don't do something you don't want to do unless it is for a paycheck.

An attendee stood up in the panel and let loose on Jim Lee for not finishing the All Star Barman and Robin series fast enough. Mike Mignola jumped to his defense with the point that when he was working for DC with deadlines all his art sucked, because he was just trying to get it out there to fast, but now he does Hellboy when he wants to, and he always makes sure it is his best work before giving it to people. Jim Lee apologized but made it known he is going to give quality work, he also said that the Allstar Batman and Robin series, is going to be 20 issues, it sounded like he was joking but he predicted that it would take 5 years to get 2o done.

Kirkman panel

Robert Kirkman was asked a question about if his new position as a partner at Image was going to interfere with his work, his reply was that he thinks his work is going to get better because he is going to focus fully on his creator owned books from here on out, and that he is not going to write any more Marvel books, although there are a few series that he is going to finish out before completely dropping Marvel, and he said that his scripts for those are already turned in.

Stay tuned for Part Two which will post tomorrow, where I give rundowns of the Watchmen and Spirit Panels.   Also, we talk about the Vertigo Panel and some cool info about Fables.

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