Let me be the first to say, "Fuck Hiroyuki Nakano."

There are a number of movies that you just don't need to remake.  I don't care if people don't like black and white or classics or foreign films or whatever, but remaking Seven Samurai, in Japanese with Samurai just seems sacrilegious.   Turning it into a western or a Pixar film is fine.  I get that.

But this asshole, Nakano, thought it would be cool to recast Sonny Chiba in the Takashi Shimura role (Kambei the leader, for those of you who care) and score the film with Rolling Stones music.

There are six-30 second trailers available here at the official website (read: the online ass that shits on Kurosawas masterpiece).

It looks kind of cool, but looking kind of cool and remaking the Citizen Kane of Japanese cinema is two different worlds. This is just fucking criminal.

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