HBO and their newest hit show, True Blood, will be sponsoring a Happy Hour during each day of Comic Con. Each day there will be free food and beverages at the designated locations (listed below on the schedule), and in some cases, even some free swag. If you are a fan of True Blood, you may want to make sure you attend Satruday's Happy Hour as they are touting that there will be a big reveal! For those of you going to/already at Comic Con, here's the schedule:

On Thursday (7/23) there will be two happy hour events, both from 7-9PM.  One will be at Rock Bottom and the other will be at Prohibition and you're welcome to come to both.  They're open to the general public and complimentary food and beverages will be served. We'll also be giving away limited edition True Blood memorabilia including pint glasses, T-shirts and posters.

On Friday (7/24) there will also be two happy hours - one at Rock Bottom and one at Prohibition.

On Saturday (7/25) the happy hour will be at Bondi Bar from 7-10PM and include complimentary food and beverages and a special "reveal." You definitely don't want to miss it.

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