Over the next week I'll be posting up stories from my entire week at the Comic-Con, but I wanted to stop in with a few of the biggest because I have pages of notes and news that you'll all be eager to hear.

Tonight was the big Star Wars Spectacular in Hall H and we saw a lot of things.  And there were some other things we didn't see.

I would like to go over the highlights briefly and then we'll go more in depth as the week progresses.

First, there will be a Celebration V.  It will be in 2010 during the summer.  No exact date has been chosen and no specific city either.

Secondly, there was no news about the live action TV show.  My guess is that we won't hear anything about it until this time next year or even early 2011.

There is some big video game news that I will get more in depth in, but there is an Ultimate Sith Edition of the Force Unleashed coming out on all platforms (including the Mac and PC for the first time).

Most of the rest of the panel concerned the current Star Wars franchise The Clone Wars.  There were hints and tastes of season 2 and a few big pieces of news from that.  The first being this: Mandalores.  We will see Mandalore, and they showed Mandalorians in the trailer.  The other big piece of news?  Boba Fett.

(To read more about Star Wars at Comic-Con, visit Swank over at The Examiner.)

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