I don't understand how a story that starts with Ubermensch Nazis could develop into such a clunker.  

My first impression with the artwork was positive. It was harsh yet realistic in a way that matched the tone of the story well. The quality was relatively consistent, but there were sporadic decreases in the level of detail that was distracting. Some faces seemed blurred or otherwise wonky. Compared to some comic art this was top drawer while compared to others it was lacking. It did not seem like the layout did the art any favors either. A handful of the pages were well balanced and graphically interesting. If all of the pages had been as successful this comic would have been immensely more compelling.  

The storyline was not completely lacking, just a bit disappointing. A fair of amount of setup is required for any opening issue, but the writing was missing a depth that would have made everything more engrossing.   

The comic shuffles between a few interlocking storylines, the most consequential being a tour of a top secret research facility that is doing genetic research to produce superhuman soldiers. The research program is as heavily funded and confidential as it gets, and yet the entire venture is far more vulnerable than one would reasonably expect... Chaos and violence will surely ensue.

My favorite part was the random hot chick in the bathing suit. I have no idea who she was, where she came from, or why she was there, but there need be no logic when it comes to bewbs. I would likely purchase the second issue to see how the story develops as it does have a lot of potential. 

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