In honor of Friday's release of the first theatrical Star Wars endeavor since 2005's stunning "Revenge of the Sith", I'm starting a countdown of Star Wars stuff that both hard-core fans and passive fans alike can enjoy.

The first graphic novel is Kevin Rubio's hilarious Star Wars parody "Tag and Bink are Dead".

It's the same idea as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead, but where these side characters told the story of Hamlet from their perspective, Tag and Bink tell the Star Wars saga from theirs.  Rubio, who you may remember as the father of modern fan films with "Troops", wrote this series with a dry wit that even the most ardent Lucas-hater will find funny.

The graphic novel contains both series' chronicling their involvement in both the classic trilogy as well as the prequel trilogy and is certainly something to check out. I picked mine up at a Con for 5 bucks at a nick-and-dent sale, so I know you can get it cheap.

Check back tomorrow for day four of our Countdown to my most anticipated movie of the year.

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