This week has a few interesting tidbits. First off is Frank Darabont's Stephen King's The Mist. Now I wanted to see this in the theatre but didn't end up making it for whatever reason. I heard it was good. And I might end up buying it, sight unseen, for the bad-ass second disc it's being released with. Apparently, Darabont made a 50's sci-fi horror picture and in keeping with that spirit, he put a black and white directors cut of the film on the bonus disc. Some reviewers I've checked out seem to think this is their preferred version of the film. For me, it's certainly sounds worth checking out. I think black and white movies are fantastic and am eager to see any new black and white film I can.

Next up: Warner Brothers has put out an "Ultimate Collectors Edition" of Bonnie and Clyde. That's a great movie and you can't go wrong there. Interesting story about Bonnie and Clyde, when it first came out into theatres, it bombed. Hard. Warren Beatty worked and worked and worked to get the film re-released because he knew there was something there that people missed. And he was right.

Last on the list for the week is a release of David Lynch's Lost Highway. I've seen this movie a few times and it still confuses but excites the hell out of me.

So, there you have it. See you next week.

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