Daredevil_Brubaker Saga

Arse-Bot here with some exciting news for all you DD fans out there! Marvel.com is offering DareDevil by Ed Brubaker Saga to read for FREE on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited! This saga will catch you up on what's been going on in The Man Without Fear's world since Mr. Brubaker has been writing, and let me tell you, it's been fucking amazing. DareDevil is back to being a bad ass, from kicking some ass in prison, to kicking fake DareDevil's ass, and just pretty much a lot of ass kicking in general. It really has been a great run and the stakes are raised every issue as Matt Murdock becomes a man closer to going over the edge every day.

Included is also a preview of DareDevil's next great villain, Lady Bullseye, whether she is friend or foe is the big question, but we will start to find out in Daredevil #111, until then, catch up on the Eisner and Harvey-award winning run here!

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