I was able to attend the "Future of Star Wars" panel at Dragon*Con presented by Steve Sansweet.  Although it was largely a rehash of things I've reported on in San Diego (and a large chunk of the presentation was a filmed segment of the Clone Wars table read from San Diego), there were a couple of interesting tidbits.

Steve Sansweet officially acknowledged the Live Action TV series and gave a rough timetable and hinted strongly at a bit of casting news (though the hint will make it constitute as rumour at best).

First: Pre-production on the show will be starting soon and go through until the new year.  The writers have been working for a while and, according to Sansweet, no one knows anything about the story for sure except George Lucas, Rick McCallum and the writers.

He also gave 2012 as a reasonably firm date for seeing the project on the air.  It is a one hour format drama show and will air weekly.

As far as the casting news.  An audience member asked about Daniel Logan (who portrayed Boba Fett in Attack of the Clones) and his possible participation in the show reprising his role.  Sansweet remained cryptic, reminded everyone that no major casting deals have been made with anyone but said (and I quote), "A couple of years ago Rick McCallum said that he would consider it, and I would expect news from Daniel's camp in the not-too-distant future."  He didn't say what that news would be, but it seemed to me to insinuate that he was the front runner for the part.  Which would please me.

He also reminded the audience that anything other than what he told us today that anyone read on the Internet was probably not true.

So, here we are with the straight dope, right from the horses mouth.

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