At first glance this game looked like another push to make gamers look like lonely perverts, (I'm looking at you Soul Calibur). But really its an attempt to make a 70's grindhouse movie into a video game.
Bethesda's WET, set's you as Rubi, an angry, drunk, sword-swinging, gun toting, tattoo covered mercenery. And throws you right into action fighting an Asian gang to reclaim a mysterious metal case. Her health items are bottles of whisky, which she drinks and then blasts to pieces, and all combos are linked through an acrobatics system, whether wall running. Sliding on your knees, or doing impressive dive-flips, the game simulates the over the top action that you'd expect from a Quentin Tarantino movie.
The controls are sluggish, and fight you through the tutorials, and continue to do so until you unlock a few more pieces of the combo system. And that drove me nuts, sadly I couldn't care less why Rubi was chasing the metal case, I just wanted to keep dicing up and blasting the Asian gang members to loud rock-a-billy tunes.

ABOVE: Rubi takes it to some gangfolk

After about 3 hours of play I found myself on chapter 6/12, which all things considered, is pretty good for a hack and slash game such as WET. During this portion I was falling from an airplane shooting the guards of a rare artifact as they fell after me, once they were dead I battled my way to a parachute tied to a door, that fell past a few seconds later. Once again over-the-top, heart-pounding action.
With its hip new approach to blending real-life, and cell shaded animation. Its edgy story, solid action, and great soundtrack, WET is definitely a new direction for Bethesda, and unlike the mistake Square Enix made trying to produce a 3rd person Devil May Cry Clone( Dirge of Cerberus), this is a solid adventure, worth the 49.99.

  • Graphics - 10 (for the cool art style)

  • Sound - 9

  • Controls - 6

  • Story - 8

  • Overall - 8

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