Rammstein is a mixed bag, some things they always do the same. On the standard version of the cd they give you 11 tracks no more, no less. The cd opens with exactly what you would expect from them, driving guitars, keyboards backing the rythm with the icy cold german lyrics. If it ain't broke don't fix it, right? Then they do something almost unexpected, some of the tracks feel as if they've had life breathed into them. It's the same style, but with more inspiration behind them. They take their standard industrial metal, and engineer new ideas to leave you with a different feel, creating something more memorable. A good example is the title track or Fruhling In Paris (an almost acoustic track). The vocals also have variation with actual singing thrown in! The only low point of the album in my opinion is the song Pussy, it's the only song that they sing in English on and the lyrics to it are bad, stick to german guys, it saves you from sounding dumb. Overall the cd is really good, nice to hear the same style, but with something new added to the mix to make it feel fresh.

(Special Edition) Bonus Tracks
If you're a big fan of Rammstein pick up the special edition, it comes with five new tracks. They are for the most part very much like their older stuff, or the way the standard version starts off. The highlight to me is the alternate version of Rotor Sand. If you're just looking for their new sound stick with the standard version and save yourself a few dollars.

4 / 5

Favorite Tracks:

  • Waidmanns Heil

  • Fruhling In Paris

  • Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da

  • Rotor Sand (Orchestra Version) (from special edition)

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