With just over two weeks before opening to wide audiences, the news concerning Thor: The Dark World keeps coming. Yesterday Moviefone posted an exclusive clip on their Youtube page. The clip, included below, is a minute long and focuses primarily on scenes between Thor (Chris Hemsworth) & his brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston). The effects look great and seeing Hiddleston makes me glad that Loki is getting his own Marvel Now! book this Winter.

In addition to the new clip, Geek Prime posted an article here concerning the after credit sequence in Thor: The Dark World. Their claim is that an unnamed source has said there are two scenese in the credits of Thor: The Dark World and that they setup Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers 3. That's something just about anyone could have guessed but they have more details we can only call speculation and rumor until more sources confirm the content of those scenes. If you're not squimish about spoilers, here is that link again over at Geek Prime. After that, if you haven't seen the 15 minutes of b-roll from the film, visit our Big Shiny Robot coverage here. Don't forget to tweet me about all things Thor @MarkAvo.

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